Cordeiros Gallery presents “60 years of Modern and Contemporary Art” in Kiev, Ucrania

Today Mystetskyi Arsenal will open the international exhibition titled “60 years of Modern and Contemporary Art” organized in cooperation with Cordeiros Galeria, Portugal. The artistic project will demonstrate a part of the large-scale art collection belonging to Agostinho Cordeiro, a famous Portuguese art-lover. His collection stands among the most important ones in Europe.

Cordeiros GelleryCourtesy Cordeiros Gallery

The exposition will contain 340 works by sixty painters, graphic artists and sculptors. Among them are such masters as Julian Schnabel, Miquel Barcelo, Andy Warhol, André Lanskoy, Francesco Clemente. The works by Miquel Barcelo, Antóni Tapies, Rafael Canogar, Luís Feito, António Macedo, Mário Bismark, and other renowned artists. Moreover, a special accent is put on the major artists of Portugal and Spain have a special place in the art of latest decades.

Cordeiros Galeria was founded in 1994. Its owner, Agostinho Cordeiro is a great expert in art, collector, gallerist and publisher. Besides, Mr. Cordeiro is a patron of artists from the Iberian peninsular. The project ’60 years of Modern and Contemporary Art’ is an extensive exploration of traditional artistic means of expression in the age of new media.

“Several exhibitions were made by Cordeiros Galeria in a number of European cities, from Porto and Lisbon, passing through Madrid and Paris, – but this will have a special taste. It is a pleasure to be able to display in Ukraine such prominent collection of modern and contemporary art, with pieces of art carefully selected for this purpose, a lot of them catalogued in major world museums of modern and contemporary art, such as the MOMA, Guggenheim, Rainha Sofia or IVAM”, – Agostinho Cordeiro comments.

Source: Cordeiros Gallery

Exhibition´s title: 60 years of Modern and Contemporary Art
Place: National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal”
City: Kiev
Country: Ucrania
Dates: 23 de noviembre – 4 de diciembre de 2011


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