Libia & Ólafur presents “Under Deconstruction” in the National Gallery of Iceland

Since the late 1990s Libia & Ólafur have been developing their deconstructive approach to art with various means such as installations, public interventions  and audio and videoworks. At each level they collaborate with different individuals and groups, crossing disciplines without hesitation in order to maximize the disparate effect of their scheme.

© Libia & Ólafur

The exhibition “Under Deconstruction” explores existential and current economic and political issues in Iceland and elsewhere, using video, performance, sculpture, sound, and music. It is a combination of newly conceived and ongoing projects, such as Constitution of the Republic of Iceland (2008/2011), Your Country Doesn’t Exist (2003, ongoing) and Exorcising Ancient Ghosts (2011).

The exhibition Under Deconstruction was commissioned by the Icelandic Art Center for the Pavilion of Iceland at the 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia and curated by Ellen Blumenstein.

Site: National Gallery of Iceland.

Exhibitión: Under Deconstruction
Place: National Gallery of Iceland.
City: Reykjavik
Country: Iceland
Dates: 13 January  to 19 February  2012


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