“Maremagnum” by Jordi Socías at the Instituto Cervantes New York

“Maremagnum”  is a retrospective of Spain’s transition to democracy, surreal images, and snapshots of every day city life. The main part of the exhibit contains a gallery of portraits that reflect Socías’ personal view on major figures of Spanish and European culture during the past four decades.

© Jordi Socías

Jordi Socías (Barcelona, 1945) is one of the key names in the evolution of photojournalism in Spain. Influenced by international masters such as Cartier-Bresson and Avedon, Socías´ style is representative of several generations of reporters. From the 70’s onward he has collaborated with the most renowned Spanish magazines and newspapers.

There will be a Q&A with Jordi Socías on February 23rd at 6 pm.

Source: Instituto Cervantes New York

Location: Instituto Cervantes, New York

City: New York

Country: United States of America

Dates: February 23 – March 23, 2012













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