Fundación Photographic Social Vision and the CCCB of Barcelona present “MORE PHOTOJOURNALISM”

Fundación Photographic Social Vision and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) present, for the first time in Barcelona, a selection of exhibitions from “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan”, the most prestigious professional festival in the international documentary photography sector.

© Toru Nakata

Four photographic projects have been selected from all the shows held at the 2011 event. With over 170 photographs, “MORE PHOTOJOURNALISM” stands out for the diversity of photographic genres selected and their topicality, offering the public an in-depth examination of four events that made the news last year: the tsunami in Japan, the Arab spring, narcoculture in Mexico and the everyday life of a mutilated woman in Uganda. Brought together under the title “More Photojournalism”, this selection of exhibitions will run from 1 March to 28 May 2012 at the CCCB.

In 1989, Jean-François Leroy set up “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan”, the leading international photojournalism festival held every year in Perpignan to bring together professionals in the field of press photography. Over the years, the festival has become consolidated as a central meeting point for photography enthusiasts, attracting thousands of visitors, both professionals and the public, who share an interest in photojournalism.

During the festival, urban venues are flooded with photography, with exhibitions of reportages produced by photojournalists from all over the world, plus the chance to enjoy screenings in the street and talks.

Along with the prestigious World Press Photo, “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan” is one of the landmark events in international photography, last time round attracting over 225,000 visitors, 3,000 professionals and 8,000 school children in the space of less than a month.

For the first time in the history of the festival, a selection from “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan” leaves behind its usual venue and comes to Barcelona thanks to the interest of the CCCB and Fundación Photographic Social Vision, bringing more documentary photography to the city of Barcelona.

Fundación Photographic Social Vision set out in September to choose four complete reportages from the ones shown at the 2011 festival. It was a fabulous opportunity to offer the public more resources for an in-depth exploration of current affairs. The four shows chosen and co-produced by the CCCB, Photographic Social Vision and the festival are exceptional graphic documents of what happened in three different continents in the course of 2011.

Photographic Social Vision is a private non-profit foundation that has been active for ten years in Barcelona as a platform for promoting photojournalism, organizing documentary photographic exhibitions to inform the public about social issues. For the last seven years, Photographic Social Vision has been responsible for organizing the prestigious World Press Photo exhibition at the CCC.

Source : Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)

Place: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Dates: March 1 to May 28, 2012


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