Kiosko Galería invites contemporary visual artists and curators to apply for a residency in your space in Bolivia

Kiosko Galería invites contemporary visual artists and curators to apply for a residency in our space in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The program offers 5 artist residencies and one curatorial residency of a period of 2 months each, running from April 2012 until January 2013.

Courtesy by Kiosko Galería

-Artists residency:

The call is open to Bolivian and International artists, who work with digital media, video, installations, performances and spatial and social interventions. we invite applicants to consider the following theme, but we encourage any and all submissions: “Time, space, possibility”.

The size of the human brain had increased four times over the pasta two and a half million years. In terms of weight, the brain occupied only two percent of the human body, but it consumed some forty percent of the body´s total energy. Owing to the dramatic expansion of the brain, human beings had been able to acquire the concepts of time, space an possibility.

It is known that time coul become deformed as it moved forward.

Time itself was uniform in composition, bu ones cosumed, it look on a deformed shape. One period of time might be terribly heavy and long, while another could be light and short, occassionally the order of things coul be reserved and in the worst cases order itself could vanish entirely. sometimes things that should not be there at all might be added onto time.

By adjusting time this way to suit ther own purposes, people porbably adjusted the meaning of their existences(…)
Trough the expansion of the brain, people had acquired the concept of temporality, but parallel with their ceaseless consumption of time, people would ceaselessly reproduce time that they had mentally adjusted, this was no ordinary feat. No wonder that the brain was said to consume forty percent of the body´s total energy!

The applying artists are encouraged to nurture and enrich research on the concepts of time, space and possibility. However, the choice is made on the basis of the quality of the application presented, previous projects, covering letter and artist statement. The proposed theme is not mandatory and will not affect the selection.

– Curatorial residency:

Invited are Bolivian researchers, curators, historians, artists, etc., to realize a residency of 2 months in Kiosko during the year 2012.

Applicants are encouraged to submit research projects leading to an exhibition and publication about Bolivian Contemporary Art.
We will accept new porjects in development and existing projects or in the implementation process. It is important that projects generate exhibitions, publications, etc. The subject is open.

Kiosco Galería offers space to live, work and exhibit. The financial scholarship covers living and production costs for the duration of two months and costs related to the exhibition.
Flights within Bolivia are covered. For international flights we cover 50% of the costs.

Deadline for reception of applications: 15th of March, 2012

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Source: Kiosko Galería


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