The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the second 2012 open call for travel grants from 1st to 31st March 2012

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching the second 2012 open call for travel grants from 1st to 31st March 2012. Artists and cultural professionals living and working in the Euro-Arab and Mediterranean regions can apply. Priority is given to mobility from the South and East of these regions.

The General Fund is open to all requests for travel grants that respect the eligibility criteria of RCF, whatever the destination of travel, the artistic discipline or the direction of mobility. The General Fund functions on an annual basis which means that candidates can apply for the March session and to the other sessions in June and September depending on the funding available. The Conseil Général Bouches du Rhône and Marseille-Provence 2013 provide funding for the other specific funding lines.

The following general criteria of RCF apply to all of these funds.

1) The aim of your trip must directly or indirectly show potential for a constructive and long-term impact on the arts sector in the Mediterranean basin. This means that your travel must contribute to your own capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in your own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts.

2) New criteria: Your trip can take place as soon as the call opens but in this case you run the risk of buying your ticket without knowing if the application is successful or not.

3) Applicant’s profile
– No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
– Profession: performers, creators, teachers, cultural organisers, administrators, project leaders.
– Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.

4) Applications must be made by individuals not organisations. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a grant concerning the same project. A grant holder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs (local transport is not reimbursed).

The results are announced as follows:
Second session: 1st June 2012 (Deadline for receiving applications: 31/03/2012)
Third session: 1st September 2012 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/06/2012)
Fourth session: 1st December 2012 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/09/2012)

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