22nd Máximo Ramos International Award for Graphic Arts 2012

The aim of the 22 Máximo Ramos International Biennial Award for Graphic Arts 2012 is to foster and promote graphic arts from a current perspective of multiples and serial art. At the same time it is an opportunity to consolidate and enrich the graphic collection of the Centro Torrente Ballester.

Being an open call for entries, it is to be published in the DOG – Official Journal of the Galician Government–. The guidelines will be available at www.ferrol.es, www.centrotorrenteballester.com, and on the bulletin board of the City Council of Ferrol.

Conditions of participation and techniques:

Artists from any nationality and country of residence are invited to apply.•
The contest is open to all graphic techniques, traditional or experimental, including digital • techniques and monotypes, combined with direct drawing or any other procedures.
Polyptychs, serialized works and variations are accepted.•
Each participant will submit from 2 to 6 pieces belonging to the same family or a unique series • composed of several pieces.
The winners of the last five editions are not allowed to participate in the present contest.•
Works awarded in other contests or dated before 2007 will not be admitted.•


There shall be only one prize, consisting in the amount of 7,000 €.


Candidates must send the following via e-mail between March 30 and May 15, 2012:

– A duly filled in application form.
– Photographs of the artworks (JPEG from 500 kB to 1MB. each).
– The author’s surname(s) and name, as well as the number of the work according to the list in the • application   form must be    – –      – included in the captions.
– A short resume and a brief explanation of the works in Galician, Spanish, English or French, all  within a maximum of two pages.
– Reference must be made as to whether the works submitted are single works or if they have been • or may be edited.
– All documentation must be forwarded to the following  e-mail address: premiomr@centrotorrenteballester.com.
– The final decision shall be announced by e-mail to all applicants by May 30.

Consignment of preselected works:

– A committee consisting of three technical experts shall proceed to a first selection of portfolios and • clearly state the numbers of pre-selected works.
– The works may be sent already framed, mounted on a stiff support with a non-matt methacrylate, or • unframed. In this case the organization will define a way to display them and may consult the artist for preferences.
– A CD containing photographs (300 dpi) of the selected artworks must be attached for their • subsequent publication in the catalogue.

On the back of the works the following must be clearly stated:
Author’s surname/s and name.
Title of the work.
Value of the work in Euros.
Which way up.
In case of a published work, state print run number.
The form with the pre-selected works will be forwarded, printed and signed.

All works must arrive at the CTB before the July 2, 2012. They must be sent by post or courier, on a stiff support or rolled inside re-usable tubes, to the following address:

22 Premio Internacional de Gráfica Máximo Ramos
Centro Torrente Ballester
Calle Concepción Arenal s/n
15402 Ferrol

Shipment costs to be paid by sender. Works will be returned at the expense of the organizers (sent by registered mail). Works will be insured only while on premises. The organization shall not be held responsible for any damages to the works during transportation (either way).

Selection of works for the award and exhibition:

The jury shall comprise the Chairman, that being the Mayor or a delegated Councillor, the Secretary  who shall have voice but no vote, and three other members chosen from a group of renowned celebrities within the art milieu. The jury shall designate the winner and select the works for the exhibition and catalogue.

The price will be awarded to a unique or several works presented by a candidate. In the case of awards given to a multiple and/or published work, the committee may request the awardees to submit further copies of the work up to a maximum of 3.

The jury’s decision shall be made public before the exhibition is held. Participants shall be notified • via e-mail and awardees by telephone. The exhibition shall take place within the following dates: 07/27/2012 – 10/6/2012.

All selected works will be published in a catalogue. All participants authorize the organizers to photograph and reproduce their works in the catalogue for promotional purposes, so they must not be copyrighted.
Each participant will receive a catalogue.

The jury reserves the right to declare the award void. The jury’s decisions are final and may not be • contested. The winner work/s shall become part of the collection of the Centro Torrente Ballester, City Council of Ferrol. Submission of works to the competition entails full acceptance of these terms on behalf of the participating artists. Candidacies will not be accepted if submitted with an unsigned application form.

Deadline: May 15, 2012

For more information: http://www.centrotorrenteballester.com/ctb_web/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/PMR_bases_eng.pdf


Source: Centro Torrente Ballester


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