call: “1#minuteCologne” Cologne One Minute Film Festival

Cologne One Minute Film Festival the 1st festival edition will be launched in September 2012 in the framework of CologneOFF 2012 – videoart in a global context nomadic festival project. CologneOFF 2012 – videoart in a global context is a world wide unique festival project, starting on 1 January 2011 and lasting until 31 December 2012 and beyond.

Its goal is to show on the tour around the globe venues the diversity of the creative potential of “art and moving images” transported via the global medium of “video”.

“1#minuteCologne” is a new festival platform run by Cologne International Videoart Festival which has the aim to support the specific film and video format of one minute film, whereby the challenge in the given case it to match exactly 60 seconds. The new festival concept is based on a permanent collection to be extended once a year via a new festival edition

There are two thematic options:
1. videos dealing with Cologne or the artists experiences in Cologne
2. subjects and topics of any kind

Dead line: 1 June 2012
More information:


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