Pablo Genovés presents “Precipitados” at the Eastmen Gallery

Photographer Pablo Genoves (1959 Madrid) lives and works in Madrid and Berlin. In his work Pablo plays with our perceptions, is it real or invented? A reproduction or an original work of art? In Pablo Genove’s work we encounter spaces in which disaster is confined and defined by culture; theatres, libraries, ball rooms, palaces and banqueting halls, host functions for the elements and are shaken to their very foundations by the effort of containment.
© Pablo Genovés
The artist works with images rescued from historic obscurity, photographic treasures lain unobserved for decades spread their grandeur once more and meld with original work to create a final moment of apocalyptic transfiguration.
These are images built out of a tense web woven by memory, time and history, art and nature, forgetting and remembering, chaos and order, whose proximity to each other brews up a magnetic storm that threatens, sometimes to destroy, sometimes to redeem.
Exhibited throughout Spain, the work of Pablo Genovés has also been shown (individually and collectively) in France, Germany, England,Argentina, Brazil and the USA. His photographs form part of such major national and international collections as the Coca-Cola Foundation,Circa XX, Banco Spirito Santo, Patio Herreriano, CAC Málaga, The Solidarity Museum in Santiago de Chile, etc.
Site: Eastmen Gallery
Títle: Precipitados
Place: Eastmen Gallery
City : Hasselt
Country: Belgium
Date: 19 may – 01 july of 2012

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