The Madrid City Council ordered the closure the art gallery “Oliva Arauna”

Dear friends:

I regret to inform you that this past September the 19th, the Madrid City Council ordered the closure of my art gallery ‘Oliva Arauna’ interrupting 27 years of enterprising work, that neither the economic crisis nor the adversity of the cultural sector, had ever been able to shatter. The municipal order had to do with a disagreement over the remodeling of the store front done eight years ago when I opened the new locale space

"oliva arauna""xtrart""cierre galeria"

In the midst of unprecedented job destruction and record budget deficit, I can not understand the City Council’s decision is to force the gallery, which provides gainful employment and pays its taxes, to close. Needless to say this will have big repercussions for the artists I work with as well.

All the best
Oliva Arauna

Site: Oliva Arauna
City: Madrid
Country: España
Date: 20 september 2012


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