Andrés Monteagudo presents “Spatial Geometry” at the IDEOBOX Artspace, Miami

Andrés Monteagudo presents “Spatial Geometry” at the IDEOBOX Artspace. Andrés is one of the founders of the ” Quantum Esthetics” movement, which implies a connection between physics and psychology in art and literature. For him, art is a tool used to search within oneself in an effort to understand human complexity.

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Photo Courtesy Ideobox Artspace

Monteagudo’s work conssists of wires on canvas, which seemingly leades to a tension within both space and geometric dimensions. Each wire seems to move beyond the confines of the canvas, defying the horizon, and making its limits appear endless. In his work he strives to intergrate diversity, humanity, tolerance, democracy, fairness and ecology in a subtly profound way.

Surcase: Ideobox Artspace.

Title: Spatial Geometry
Place: Ideobox Artspace.
City: Miami, Florida.
Country: EE.UU.
Date:  11 October to 21 november  2012.


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