Open call for entries to Switch Contemporary Video Art in Ireland

The Switch Contemporary Video Art is an independent visual artist-run and led body that organizes an event of the same name in rural Ireland.  This 5th annual installment showcases contemporary works of moving image in a public context and is now issuing a call for entries to switch 2013.


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This event offers and alternative way to navigate familiar places. The open call is to artists working with film, lens-based work and moving image to submit work responding to the theme of ‘movements’. It has to date shown the artworks of 31 international artists who have through the project invited the public into their practice, ideas and viewpoints. The event itself will be accompanied by a publication and a website and also an artist fee of Euro 250 will be paid per selected artist. Eight contemporary video/film works from eight International artists will be back-projected from twilight to midnight onto coated windows, transforming spaces and shop fronts.

Place: Nenag, Ireland
Deadline: December 7, 2012
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