Donaire Arquitecto have won the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s international desing competition

Last Friday 19th in October 2012 Donaire Arquitecto have won the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s international desing competition. With them there were two other spanish teams, Pesquera Ulargi Arquitectos from Madrid, Francisco Mangado Arquitectos from Pamplona and the british MRJ RUNDELL & ASSOCIATES from London.

 Photograph courtesy by DONAIRE ARQUITECTOS

Donaire Arquitectos was born in Seville in 2000. Young team with large experience working in contemporary architecture with traditional and innovated materials. They design public and private buildings and furniture and also work on graphic design. Being involved in this project was very special for them because as they have said “As a practice based in Seville, an area with a long shared history with the Arab culture, we felt from the very beginning a deep attraction to make this an opportunity to research this Arab culture from a contemporary architectural vision”. The future building will target an international audience with a contemporary language, but what it will deliver is the local vernacular and very particular qualities. They emphasize that “we are committed with a rational functional and economical design, reconciled at the same time with local ancient qualities vernacular architecture provides, in order to achieve a simple and yet rich environment Palestinian people will feel as their own”.  The environment is very important in this project because the new building is really connected with the nature and it becomes a part of it in a natural relationship. Coming from abroad, the Quattan Foundation is perceived as a lighthouse bringing enlightenment to the Palestinian people. This role as flagship of Palestinian culture is in need for a recognisable image worthy to represent its social leadership with a physical landmark.

The AM Qattan Foundation was founded in 1994 and registered as a charity in the UK by Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan. Since 1998, it has worked towards the development of culture and education, with a particular focus on children, teachers and young artists. This new building will have different spaces like different education departments, a new library, meeting’s rooms and a great art gallery with the foundation’s art collection.

Sorcase: Donaire Arquitecto

Project: A.M. Qattan Foundation
City: Ramallah
Country. Palestine
Winning project: A.M. Qattan Foundation
Date:  19th  October 2012






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