Andres Montes participates in ETHNOSCAPES curated by Emilie Nilssonis, New York

ETHNOSCAPES curated by Emilie Nilssonis is an International photo exhibition investigating issues of (social) de-territorialization, migration, and hybrid identities. With the rapidly expanding forces of globalization, borders appear to be collapsing in a whirlwind of new technologies and communication possibilities.

In some ways, we are experiencing possibilities of mobility never seen before, though, simultaneously, national bor-ders are increasingly constricted, surveillance intensified, and immigrant rights deflated. Through the diverse lens of 18 international artists, this exhibition ex-amines the ambiguity of living in constant cross-cultural transit, as well as ex-plores the contradictory regimes of (im)mobility and trans-nationality in today’s globalized World.

Artists: Alan Grillo, Alicia Shahaf, Andres Montes, Arjuna Neuman, Carloe Cohen, Cynthia Hawk, Damaso Reyes, Ezra Wube, Fryd Frydendahl y Mia birkelund, Marianne Wasowska_Fauchon, Nina Bumbalkova, Nina Mouritzen, Seth Origon, Schwaiger, Shreepad Joglekar, Simon Buckley, Varvara, Mikushkina and Yangbin Park.

Site: Andres Montes

Title: Ethnoscapes
Place: old factory building on 461 West 126th street
City: New York
Country: E.E.U.U
Date: November 28th till December 2nd 2012


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