Three spanish architects at Roca London Gallery in London

The Roca London Gallery will organized a panel discussion call “Intracity and Sustainability Panel Discussion” next Tuesday, 27th November. Will address and question the concept of sustainability from the viewpoint of the many disciplines active in the day to day life of the city. Spain will be te example of the discussion with three Spanish architects invited: Ariadna Cantis, Izaskun Chinchilla and Nerea Calvillo.

Photograp courtesy by The Roca London Gallery

This panel discussion will talks about architect and the relationship between cities and their members. From architecture and sociology to art and design, these disciplines inform our experience and enjoyment of the city as well as our understanding of what it means to be a citizen. This panel will focus on specific examples in order to better illustrate the point of the discussion and specifically on the case studies of Spain. Panelists include three Spanish architects Nerea Calvillo,  Ariadna Cantis and Izaskun Chinchilla.
Ariadna Cantis focuses on the communication and dissemination of urban planning, architecture and design. Divides herself between the promotion, research and commissioning of  architecture and contemporary culture engaging herself in various projects, exhibitions and publications, in order to generate a critical dialogue on the limits of architecture. On the other hand, Izaskun Chinchilla has a strong commitment to innovation. Projects proposed in their multidisciplinary exercises where, through ecology, sociology and science, architecture and stylistic discourse away reconnects with the complexity of life in the contemporary world. Meanwhile, Nerea Calvillo is specialized in new technologies as design tools and she  research projects oriented towards data visualization and cartographies have been developed in workshops at international universities and medialabs.
The Roca London Gallery‘s concept begins with water in its many forms and phases as both an idea to make space and to express our adaptability and openness to change and innovation. Water acts as a theme for the architecture theme, connecting all aspects of the Gallery. The displays and the areas around each display have been shaped by the movement of water. Water has created a changeable space, one which people will continue to return to. It was desingned by Zaha Hadid, founder of Zaha Hadid Architects, who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize (considered to be the Nobel Prize of architecture) in 2004 and is internationally known for both her theoretical and academic work. Each of her dynamic and innovative projects build on over thirty years of revolutionary exploration and research in the interrelated fields of urbanism, architecture and design. Hadid’s interest lies in the rigorous interface between architecture, landscape and geology as her practice integrates natural topography and human-made systems, leading to experimentation with cutting-edge technologies.

Event: Panel discussion
Title: “Intracity and Sustainability Panel Discussion”
Place: The Roca London Gallery
City: London
Country: England
Speakers: Ariadna Cantis, Izaskun Chinchilla and Nerea Calvillo
Moderator: Alexander García Duttmann, Goldsmiths (University of London)
Curated by Carmen Molina-Vázquez and Inés García Clariana.
Date: Tuesday, 27th November


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