Carlos Garaicoa presents new pieces of his work in Cuba

The cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa presents his work in the Habana Gallery in Cuba. Under the title “Under Construction” Garaicoa presents new pieces of his work, some of them specially made for this exhibition.


The Fight, 2010. Color photograph mounted and laminated in aluminium and plexiglas, hand cut adhesive tapes. 100 x 149 cm.

Photograph courtesy by Carlos Garaicoa

The “Habana” Gallery, with a vast history in the promotion of Cuban art since its early days until the present, was founded in May 1962 with the purpose of spreading and promoting the work of Cuban artist in all the country.It currently represents a selection of those Cuban artists with the highest artistic acknowledgement at both national an international levels. In this case it presents Carlos Garaicoa’s new work. Under the tittle “En Construcción (Under Construction)” which makes a reference to José Luis Guerín’s documentary film, the exhibition is articulated in three phases: Political propaganda, Architecture and Urban decay, establishing a direct dialog with Cuba’s social and political reality through documentary photography. The book La Fotografía como Intervención (Photography as Intervention), Garaicoa’s first monograph on photography with text by Lillebit Fadraga and Antonio José Ponte  that was published by La Fábrica Editorial during PhotoEspaña 2012 will be presented at the opening of the exhibition.

Fuente: Carlos Garaicoa


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