Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Beirut and Edinburgh

The Atelier for Young Festival Managers is a unique, intense, 7-day training programme initiated by the European Festivals Association. The Atelier helps emerging directors and focuses on the artistic role of festivals, touching upon all artistic disciplines. The care taken in the selection of 45 young festival managers and ten mentors from all over the world, the hosting cities, venues and the framework is core to providing the group with excellent conditions for personal, in-depth discussions.

Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Beirut and Edinburgh

Photograph: Courtesy by EFA

A 7-day intense working space allows young managers to step out of their daily context and enrich it through carefully developed and balanced lectures, workshops, papers, one-to-one conversations and informal talks. A distinguished group of mentors develops the programme and guides the participants throughout the week. The effect of the Atelier does not just last for seven days but creates new and enduring networks and a sustainable platform for exchange.

While the Atelier is embedded in its host city, an international and global approach allows participants to compare their views with colleagues from different contexts and artistic disciplines.

The Atelier is especially designed for those who are working or have ambitions to become in­volved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. The Atelier enlarges young festival managers’ personal horizons and their perspective on festivals and programming practices all over the world. It equips them with a new network of international contacts which strengthens the dialogue between these ‘leaders of now and the future’. 172 young festival managers from 52 countries and 28 mentors and presenters from 16 countries have exchanged views and inspired each other so far.


Call for: Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Initiated by: European Festivals Association

Application deadline: Beirut- 31 March 2013

                                             Edinburgh- 30 June 2013

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