941 Geary is pleased to present “While We Were Away”, curated by gallery director Tova Lobatz (San Francisco, USA)

941 Geary is pleased to present While We Were Away. Curated by gallery director Tova Lobatz and composed entirely of artists Lobatz has become aware of while traveling, While We Were Away focuses on the intersection of the creation of art and the travels involved with it. Featuring work from Miss Van (France), Amanda Marie (US), How and Nosm (Germany), Poesia (US), Sten Lex (Italy), Scott Shannon (US), Vhils (Portugal), Jaybo Monk (France), Hebru Brantley (US), Julio Pardo (Spain), and Chanoir (Columbia), the exhibit will open Saturday, January 19th from 6-9pm and will run until March 2nd, 2013.

whileImagen courtesy 941 Geary

The contemporary art market has become increasingly borderless as artists across the globe gain recognition, and with it, opportunities to bring their work far from their own hometowns. This has changed not just the role and impact of art, but the individuals behind it who have the chance to incorporate a wider scope of influences into their artistic framework.

In 2009, TATE curator Nicolas Bourriaud proposed a hypothetical end of postmodernism and introduced a new period with his exhibition Altermodernity. The opening of Bourriaud’s manifesto reads, “A new modernity is emerging, reconfigured to an age of globalization – understood in its economic, political and cultural aspects: an altermodern culture. Increased communication, travel and migration are affecting the way we live. Our daily lives consist of journeys in a chaotic and teeming universe.” This passage speaks to the development that inspired While We Were Away, but Lobatz’ fascination is with the indelible way these experiences of traveling, in countries not your own, places outside one’s comfortable routine or familiar language, inspire artists’ identity and creative drive. Frequent travel presents a new context to view the world in and a myriad of inspiration, but it also requires the sacrifice of consistency, and can stand in the way of personal relationships. It is all these complications that Lobatz has asked the artists for While We Were Away to give us a glimpse into.

Site: 941 Geary

Title:  While We Were Away
Place: 941 Geary
City: San Francisco
Country: USA
Date: January 19 – March 02, 2013


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