Fernando García-Dory presents “Land, Use” in the David Brower Center, California

Communities around the world have been broken apart by land development, the disappearance of tradition, and stark differences in values around land use. From farming and seed libraries to the livelihood of nomadic shepherds … what does “preservation” mean when it comes to tradition, land, and knowledge?

© Fernando García-Dory

For this exhibition, the David Brower Center has commissioned the first collaboration between Amy Franceschini (San Francisco, CA) and Fernando García-Dory (Madrid, Spain). The show will feature past works by the two artists, and we are thrilled to announce the premiere of García-Dory’s first solo show in the United States.

Franceschini and Garcia-Dory share artistic interests and approaches. Using social practice methods such as direct engagement with communities, they explore themes related to humankind’s collaboration with the land. In particular, they are interested in how the development of contemporary cities has affected traditional land use such as farming and shepherding, as well as how such agrarian practices can exist within the contemporary world.

Both artists participate in and engage with contemporary practitioners of these pastoral or agricultural livelihoods. As part of their artistic practices, they learn and enable others to learn from farmers and shepherds who hold knowledge bases of their crafts passed down through generations. In doing so, they are fostering the preservation of tradition, knowledge and memory. Through major public events in urban environments, community gatherings, design, sculptures and social media, the artists have raised awareness of agrarian practices, as well as how they might be incorporated into contemporary society, politics and everyday life.

David Brower Centre

Exhibition: Land, Use
Place: Hazel Wolf Gallery
City: BerKeley. California.
Country: Estados Unidos.
Date: february  9  to  may 9  2012


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