“La Bestia” photographies by Isabel Muñoz at Centro Cultural Español Miami (CCEM)

This exhibition is born through the personal project by Isabel Muñoz along the trips to the southern border of Mexico that she have done during the last three years. Accompanied by the Salvadoran journalist Oscar Martinez, she has visited the cities of Arriaga, Chiapas and Ixtepec (Oaxaca), traveling in the same train that Central American migrants.

"La Bestia" Isabel MuñozCourtesy of Centro Cultural Español Miami (CCEM)

The exhibition aims to describe the journey of the migrant from the perspective of Isabel Muñoz and his companions. Human relations and personal stories of the traveler migrants are portrayed up for those who are watching it now from far.

In this sense, the curatorial proposal aims to generate three levels of reading. The first level of reading is generated by the selection of photographs, which consider a contextual description of the territory and the train, putting specific histories and face to the daily life in the border. The second level of reading involves the recording video made ​​by Andrés Villalobos and Eduardo Olivares. Including a video in the exhibition helps us to explain what it feels to take the train at the southern border. Then, trough documentation, the third level is looking to offer tools to the visitor to provide a broader understanding of this phenomenon.

Source: Centro Cultural Español de Miami

Exhibition´s title: “La Bestia”
Place: Centro Cultural Español Miami (CCEM)
City: Miami
Country: USA
Date: March 8th – April 27th


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