Espacio Mínimo Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in Spain of Mexican artist Ricardo Rendón

Titled “Principios de Afirmación” the artist shows actions, site specific interventions, sculptures and assemblages that reflect on the concept of work and the creative process. Contemporary art ways to working and experience are questions by the use of diverse materials such as felt, veneer, sand paper or copper pipe, and working procedures from traditional crafts such us furrier, plumber or electrician.

© Ricardo Rendón. Courtesy by Espacio Mínimo Gallery.

The introspection inside the working context has brought Rendón closer to other fields where the activation, the straight contact with the materials and the tradition define them like possible places for creative learning. From this traditional crafts, the artist has taken up procedures, resources and techniques for his own work. Ricardo Rendón has filled his practice with new possibilities, knowledge and traditions that allows him not only to reflect on the creative process and creative execution in contemporary art practice, but also on the notion of work as a social condition.

Following the artist’ words: my work is designed as a system of inquiry into creative practice. It is a search for meaning that not only uncovers motivation, answering the question of why to create, but also permits a critical appraisal of the role of the subject who performs personal work. Accordingly, I recognize that as the subject of creative doing, I am shaped by possibilities, events, dialogues and interpretations in a place of continual transformation, a setting of action and experience in which creative activity is restricted only by the physical limits of workspace and materials.

My experimentation with a variety of materials, techniques and outcomes enables a daily routine wherein different actions are performed and documented in the transformation and handling of places and things. From the spontaneous and random to the intentional and controlled, there exists no single correct answer, but rather evolutions of forms in constant metamorphosis. Therefore, I consider it more important to stress the development of the artistic environment rather than the display of completed works, even when the results, or, more accurately, the facts and evidence of inspired activity, can serve as such.

Gathering different materials and including multiple formal solutions, the works of Ricardo Rendón act as a complex diary where the actions are registered, documented and accumulated. In this sense, a paper sheet, a wood veneer or the exhibiting space are transformed into a scenario for creative activity. This scenario is determined by the physical, symbolical and aesthetical limits of the space and materials, an ambience where the work is presented as fact and evidence of the creative process. His works are an appendix of construction or destruction practices that enunciate the moment where things happen, forms that propose the action as leitmotiv.

Ricardo Rendón (México D.F, 1970) lives and works in Mexico City. He has been exhibited widely in galleries and museums in Mexico and abroad including the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) – Miami, the Stedelijk Museum – Holland, Maison Rouge – Paris, the Rufino Tamayo Museum – Mexico City and ARCO – Madrid.

His works are to be found in important contemporary art collections like the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation CIFO – Miami, MuseoaUniversitario de Arte Contemporaneo MUAC, ColecciónJumex and Isabel & Agustin Coppel – Mexico City and Fondation Daniel Langlois – Quebec. He is member of the National System of Creators CONACULTA-FONCA since 2006.

Source: Espacio Mínimo Gallery

Exhibition: “Principios de Afirmación”
Place: Espacio Mínimo Gallery
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
Dates: March 24 to May 19, 2012


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